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Each jewelry has its own purpose. Some products are suitable for the gala evening, others for everyday wear. Let's talk about what decorations at work will be most appropriate and…

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High technology penetrated the jewelry business
Today, decoration can be not only decorative, but functional. Millionaires do not skimp on the purchase of gadgets in gold and in a generous placer of diamonds. USB-drives or flash…

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Triumph of feeling over calculation
Meanwhile, in fact, Pomellato is a house that became famous for the more budgetary and "daily" class of jewelry pret-a-porter - and suddenly, almost ten years ago, it came up…

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The colorful decorations of the brand Taffin in the center of New York

“This is a very dangerous world in which we live. Endless polls of people about what they want, give only a primitive and expected presentation. And this is not surprising. In the jewels from Taffin, people will see something unexpected for them, ”says James Taffin de Givenchy, the owner of a chic new headquarters and the creator of colorful and uniquely innovative jewelry. – We, work as the couturier of past years. 80% of our jewelry is custom-made, we work closely with our customers, which opens up wonderful opportunities for us. ” Continue reading

Luz Camino: pencil shavings

One of the most talented and distinctive Spanish jewelry designers Luz Camino and her son Fernando presented their new works at the annual exhibition of designer goods in the luxury goods store “Bergdorf Goodman” in New York. And before the “Pencil Shavings” collection (“Pencil Shavings”) set off on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean, they showed it to me with their son. Continue reading

Best friends girls. How to choose the right jewelry

Not far off is a women’s holiday, and already now many men are “puzzled” over what to give to their chosen one. A great solution in choosing a present will be jewelry. But how to choose a good, and most importantly a quality product? Experts from the regional Rospotrebnadzor answered these questions.

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Jewelry – unsurpassed beauty

Modern gold, thanks to ligature additives, is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the percentage of copper, silver or palladium in the alloy, the metal may be of any shade. Colored gold is a huge field for fantasy jewelers. It emphasizes in a special way the depth and sets off the play of natural gems. Products with sensually sparkling inserts add charm to the outfits, emphasize the sophistication of the images, become beautiful gifts, talismans of endless joy and youth. Continue reading

Defend the value of diamond jewelry

Not bad, I thought. I asked what the purchase was for. Wedding anniversary or other important event? Or maybe because he travels so much and leaves his wife at home with two children under the age of 10, he wanted to “compensate” for this, as it turned out. To please her with a special gift.

I was impressed that he found time in a busy schedule to find a jewelry store. I wondered how he had decided where to buy, given that he had free time for just half a day before going to the airport and flying back. Continue reading

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Defend the value of diamond jewelry
Not bad, I thought. I asked what the purchase was for. Wedding anniversary or other important event? Or maybe because he travels so much and leaves his wife at home…


Jewelery instead of gold
These celebrities include Michelle Obama and Madonna. What brands and why choose Hollywood stars? Next year, the fashion world will celebrate the thirty-year anniversary of the brand Erickson Beamon, which…


Jewelry work, or the science of safe shopping
Where to go? First of all, you should make sure that the store in which you want to make a purchase is trustworthy. How to do it? To get started,…


Jewelry house "Esprit"
Like most French Protestants who had escaped persecution in the time of Louis XIV, William's ancestors were highly skilled artisans — blacksmiths, tanners, and watchmakers. By the middle of the…